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COMMON RAIL 33800-4A710 injector

Model Number 33800-4A710
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
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07100-S/07196Timken - 50,005 mm13,495 mm14,26 mm9,525 mm1,5 mm1 mm25,4 mm
07100-S/07196D+X1S-07100Timken - 50,005 mm33,34 mm - 25,4 mm1,5 mm0,6 mm25,4 mm
Y1710KOYO - 33,338 mm - - 18,6 kN - - 26,988
07100-S/07205Timken - 52 mm15,011 mm14,26 mm12,7 mm1,5 mm2 mm25,4 mm
07100-S/07210XTimken - 50,8 mm15,011 mm14,26 mm12,7 mm1,5 mm1,5 mm25,4 mm
07100-SA/07196D+X1S-07100Timken - 50,005 mm33,34 mm - 25,4 mm3,3 mm0,6 mm25,4 mm
07100-SA/07205Timken - 52 mm15,011 mm14,26 mm12,7 mm3,3 mm2 mm25,4 mm
07100-SA/07210XTimken - 50,8 mm15,011 mm14,26 mm12,7 mm3,3 mm1,5 mm25,4 mm
07100-SA/07210XBTimken - 50,8 mm - 14,26 mm12,7 mm3,3 mm - 25,4 mm
07100/07196Loyal2,8 mm50,005 mm13,495 mm14,26 mm27 kN - - 25,4 mm
07100/07196-07000LATimken - 50,005 mm14,206 mm14,26 mm - 1 mm1 mm25,4 mm


COMMON RAIL 33800-2A400 injectorPressure Port Size, Shaft End:0.0 LB; Seal Material:35VQT; Shaft Type:Buna-N;
COMMON RAIL 33800-27000 injectorPort Orientation - Cover End:0.0 LB; Major Diameter [Min:35VQT; Minor Diameter:Buna-N;
COMMON RAIL 33800-4x400 injectorShaft Length:0.0 LB; Relief Valve Setting:35VQT; Spline Description:Buna-N;
COMMON RAIL 33800-4x900 injectorMinor Diameter [Max:0.0 LB; Port Type:35VQT; Spline Description:Buna-N;
COMMON RAIL 33800-4A100 injectorSpline Description:0.0 LB; Max. RPM [Max:35VQT; Controlled Flow Rate:Buna-N;
COMMON RAIL 33800-4A300 injectorControlled Flow Rate:0.0 LB; Manufacturer Part No.:35VQT; Cover End Pressure [Max:Buna-N;
COMMON RAIL 33800-27800 injectorCover End Pressure [Max:0.0 LB; Displacement Cover End (cu in/revolution):35VQT; Weight:Buna-N;
COMMON RAIL 33800-4X400, injectorMajor Diameter [Min:0.0 LB; Port Type:35VQT; Minor Diameter [Max:Buna-N;
COMMON RAIL 33800-4A350 injectorShaft End Pressure [Max:0.0 LB; Cover End Pressure [Max:35VQT; Minor Diameter:Buna-N;
COMMON RAIL 33800-4X900, injectorShaft Dia.:0.0 LB; Weight:35VQT; Cover End Flow @ RPM:Buna-N;


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Common-rail direct fuel injection is a direct fuel injection system for diesel engines. On diesel ... Third-generation common-rail diesels now feature piezoelectric injectors for increased precision, with fuel pressures up to 2,500 bar (250 MPa; 

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Diesel injection system CRS3-27 for a maximum pressure up to 2700 bar

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Abstract: In the common rail system, fuel is distributed to the injectors from a high pressure accumulator, called the rail. The rail is fed by a high pressure fuel 

Common Rail Injectors Industrial Injection Diesel Performance

Common Rail Injectors Industrial Injection Diesel Performance Parts & Service Dodge Cummins Chevy GMC Duramax Ford Powerstroke

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Delphi common rail is earning diesel a reputation for efficiency and power. Common Rail injecor is the fuel injection system that meets strict emission regulations 


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